What does an Art Consultant do? 

Stereotypically, the art world can seem elitist, inaccessible, and downright challenging to navigate.  At Mimesis Projects, we are founded on the belief that everyone should be able to own original artwork. We believe these stereotypes act as a barrier to entry for many first time art collectors, and work to challenge these archaic beliefs. 

Our approach is simple - we art art consultants that advise our clients by educating them on the intricacies of the art market. We are a 360 art advisory, and build investment quality collections by working with our clients through the whole process.

Procurement & Art Collection Management

It doesn't matter if you are buying your first work of art or have a million dollar collection, we are here to help you target investment quality artwork, and guide you through the collection management process. 

Art Procurement - As a founding member of Revolver Gallery in Los Angeles, Korbin oversaw the procurement of over 500 original prints & paintings by Andy Warhol, creating the largest Gallery owned collection of the late artists works.

We work with our clients to identify investment grade artwork, and handle all aspects of the procurement process. We have long standing relationships with top advisors, gallerists, and specialists at the worlds leading auction houses (Christie's, Sotheby's, Phillips, et al). 

Art Collection Management - How to do you ship an investment quality work of art?  Do you need outside insurance, or does your home owners policy cover loss? What is museum quality framing, and how much should I pay for it?  How do I securely hang a work of art? What is the best avenue to sell a work of art? What is a 1031 art exchange and how do I set one up? 

These are the kind of questions that race through a collectors mind (and we have answers!).  At Mimesis Projects, our art consultants handle all aspects of managing an art collection, and leverage a vast network of art shippers, framers, art installers, and art insurance brokers to save you money in the process. 

Corporate Art Collections

Did you know that a corporate art collection not only looks cool, but has tax benefits as well?  We work with small businesses and large corporations to establish and manage corporate art collections. We work with any size budget, and have a network of designers and curators to assist in the process.